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The main objectives of the Department are

  • To increase productivity of rainfed/degraded land through the process of integrated watershed management.
  • To support the States/UTs for implementation of National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP)
  • Land reforms and other related matters relating to land like administration of Land Acquisition Act, 1894, National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy of 2007 , Registration Act, 1908 etc.
  • Bio-diesel Mission

  • It is pertinent to mention here that land reforms and related matters are already under consideration of “National Council for Land Reforms” headed by the Prime Minister of India.  Therefore, exact position and plan of action will evolve only after the Council gives necessary direction.  As regards Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, Land Acquisition Act and Registration Act, the Department, time to time gives appropriate policy support and guides Departments of Government of India and States and Government organizations as per need.  Therefore, there is no specific targeted action point on the subject.

    With regard to Mission on Bio-diesel, Cabinet approved the Mission “in principle” subject to impact assessment study and positive feedback on the same.  Therefore, the impact assessment study is still under process, covering all aspects of bio-diesel programme including related research finding in consultation with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy and no clear action point has emerged.

    In this background, it will not be possible to evolve any action plan and design success indicators thereof with respect to land reforms and related issues and National Mission on Bio-diesel.