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Monitoring and Evaluation

It is well recognized that the success of programmes largely depends on the effective delivery system and efficient implementation at the grass roots levels so that the programme benefits reach the rural poor in full measures. In order to ensure this, the department has evolved a comprehensive multi-level and multi-tool system of  Monitoring and Evaluation for the implementation of the programmes. The Monitoring mechanism includes, inter-alia, the Performance Review Committee, Review Meetings by the Ministry of Rural Development and Ministers of State with the Chief Ministers/ Minister of Rural Development and officers of the state, the Area Officers Scheme, Periodic progress reports, audit and Utilisation certificates, video conferencing and field visits etc.

The Vigilance and Monitoring committees at State and District levels in all State/UTs have been constituted to monitor the implementation of programme and introduce greater transparency. These committees inter-alia include MPs/MLAs, representative of Panchayati Raj Institutions and NGOs. The Members of Parliament both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been assigned a central role in the reconstituted V&M Committees and they have been nominated Chairman/Co-Chairman of the district level V&M Committee.

The Union Government in recent years has given emphasis on e-governance in all possible areas. Accordingly, online monitoring system has been placed. This department has placed online reporting of  quarterly progress report on watershed projects and data are feed at project-level, state -level and national level and regularly monitored. Also another online Monthly Programme Reporting system has been placed and a few others  are on pipelines.  The department conducts evaluation study of all major programmees, Impact Assessment studies to assess the over-all impact of programme of village level is also conducted in selected studies/ regions.

Statewise Tehsils or Taluks of India
Result Framework Document(RFD) for 2014-2015
Guidelines/Illustrative points to be included while preparing Evaluation Report
Request for Proposal (RFP), Terms of Reference (ToR) and other documents for mid-term evaluation of National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP)
Request for Proposal (RFP) to carry out comprehensive impact assessment of watershed projects sanctioned during 2005-2008  |  Revised RFP
Request for Proposal (RFP) for mid-term evaluation of IWMP projects sanctioned during 2009-2010  |  Revised RFP
Terms of Reference for External Agencies for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning under Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP)
Terms of Reference for Mid-Term Evaluation of projects under Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) sanctioned during 2009 & 2010
Terms of Reference for Comprehensive Impact Assessment of Watershed Projects sanctioned during 2005 to 2008

Study to pragmatically analyse the shortcomings of demand driven approach of IWMP for transforming the scheme to target oriented approach by IRMED
Study on Performance of Institutional set-up at SLNA / WCDC under IWMP by NIRD
Comprehensive Study of Impact of Investment in Watershed by NIRD
An Overview of Impact Assessment of Watershed Projects by NIRD
Impact and Effectiveness of "Watershed Development Programmes" in India by LBSNAA
Report on Capacity Building Training on Watershed Project
Impact of Watershed Program and Conditions for Success - A Meta Analysis Approach by ICRISAT
Impact Assessment Study of the Watershed Development Programme -a compendium by TERI

Capacity Building
List of CRIDA's Network centers of AICRPDA  located under
different SAUs

Support Services
Online Monitoring 
Online Monitoring systems
Public Grievances Redressal System
Published Feedback

Internal Monitoring
Format for MPs

Minutes of Meetings
Minutes of meeting held on 24.11.2015 to present the "Inception Report to undertake the Midterm Evaluation of IWMP" |
Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting to discuss the RFP for Mid Term Evaluation of NLRMP |
Minutes of the meeting of CEC held on 06.08.2015 under the Chairmanship of AS (LR) to evaluate the technical proposals for shortlisting the agencies to undertake Mid Term Evaluation of NLRMP) Meeting on Evaluation of the technical bids submitted against the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Mid Term Evaluation of IWMP held on 23.7.2015 |
Meeting on Evaluation of the technical bid submitted against the RFP for Comprehensive lmpact Assessment of Watershed Projects sanctioned during 2005-08 held on 23.7.2015
Meeting held on 17th April 2012 to Review the Status of Diploma Programme in Watershed Management by IGNOU

Area Officers Visit
Area Officers Report
Checklist for area Officers